The Absinthe Collection

Alchemy Apollonie Absinthe Goblet With Green Glass Stem
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Named after Apollonie Sabatier, mid-19th Century Parisian artist's model, muse lover of poet, Charles Baudelaire, & subject of his famous poem, 'Les Fleurs du Mal.' Sabatier & Baudelaire were both model absinthe-drinking bohemians. The goblet is mounted upon an absinthe green, glass stem.

Alchemy La fee Verte Tumbler
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Traditional tall absinthe tumbler, in forest glass for taking absinthe with water & sugar.

Alchemy La fee Verte Shot Glass
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‘The Green Fairy’ art nouveau style, forest glass shotglass.

Alchemy Wormwood Tree - Absinthe shot glass
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The truly decadent way to enjoy, neat, the gratifyingly creative delights of the green fairy. Approx. 123mm high

Alchemy La fee Verte Absinthe Spoon
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Traditional sugar cube strainer for watering down absinthe.

La Belle Epoch Absinthe Glass
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A period, continental classic 380 ml stemmed glass for the traditional enjoyment of absinthe; the infusion of a cube of sugar through the absinthe spoon with ice-cold water, turning the spirit into a magical, milky green elixir. With wormwood leaf absinthe badge set with Swarovski crystals. Approx. 180mm high

The Absinthians - Metal Plaque
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Parisienne Absinthe Spoon
Price $49.00

Alchemy's 'Notre Dame' gothic tracery version of the classic Parisian, 'Bon Temp' absinthe spoon; the essential accessory for preparing your luxurious wormwood delicacy in truly decadent style and with apposite company: set with emerald Swarovski crystal.

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