Beeswax Candles, Bamboo Charcoal

Please read before purchasing candles or charcoal:

Using Pure Charcoal & Beeswax

All our candles are 100% pure beeswax obtained from a pristine & protected region of Western Australia. They contain no additives, no paraffin & no petro-chemicals. Environmentally friendly square braid cotton wicks are used. These candles are made from quality West Australian beeswax free of drugs, pesticides & chemicals.

ON SALE - only $3.75
Pure Bamboo Charcoal
10 charcoal disks.

Normally $5.00, on special for $3.75

100% pure bamboo charcoal discs do not contain chemical impurities or a toxic lighting agent (Potassium nitrate). There is no unpleasant odour to interfere with your incense powder, cones or resin or when used in Hookah pipes. Pure bamboo charcoal is the safest one to use.

Japanese Pure Bamboo Charcoal
24 Tablets (Packet)
Price $20.00

On backorder.

8 Tablets (foil wrapped)
Price $10.00

On backorder.

Each tablet lasts over an hour. This is the pure charcoal used for centuries in the Japanese koh ceremony & contains no chemicals or toxic additives. A healthful burn that brings out the best in your incense and resins.

Premium Japanese Pure Bamboo Charcoal
48 Small Tablets (Packet)
Price $29.00

On backorder.

Easy light & does not go out. This is the highest quality Japanese charcoal available & is worth the price if you struggle with your charcoal going out.

Tealights (4 Hour Burning)
Box of 10
Price $13.50
Small Pillar Candle (75 Grams)
Price $6.50
Box Of Round Votive Candles (3 Per Box)
Price $12.50
Medium Pillar Candle (150 Grams)
Price $11.50
Small Hive Candle (35mm)
Price $4.50
Solid Pillar Candle (220 Grams)
Price $12.50
Pillar Candle With Angel (136 Grams)
Price $11.00
Solid Pillar Candle (280 Grams)
Price $15.50
Medium Hive Candle (68mm)
Price $8.00
Wheat & Flowers Candle (150mm)
Price $11.00
Solid Twisted Pillar Candle (180 Grams)
Price $11.00
Solid Pillar Candle (315 Grams)
Price $18.50
Medium Honeycomb Candle With Rose (140mm)
Price $12.00
Solid Pillar Candle (615 Grams)
Price $36.00
The Rustic Fern Candle (445 Grams)
Price $27.00
Large Table Candle (170 Grams)
Price $11.50
Tapered Table Candle (60 Grams)
Price $5.50
Tapered Table Candle (50 Grams)
Price $5.50
Pure Beeswax Lovers Candles
Price $35.00
On Backorder
Straight Table Candle (80 Grams)
Price $6.50

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