Alchemy Gothic Bracelets/Earrings

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Seraph of light earrings
Price $64.00

These Alchemy earrings are the radiance of the winged dome's soft glow emanates from the intrinsic fire of a Seraph, the celestial angels ordained to bestow charity and to protect God's throne.

A pair of classically styled pewter earrings; an angel-winged cartouche bearing a translucent, milky 14x10mm, pale pink oval cabochon and a matching crystal dropper suspended from a floriate stud, with surgical steel posts and plastic scrolls.

Magic ram’s horn earring
Price $25.00

This Alchemy Faux Stretcher Earring is Intoned with outrageous Crowleyan symbolism and ritual Pagan intent. It's primeval totem marks the wearer as fundamentally mysterious.

A pewter fake stretcher stud piercing, in the form of an antiqued, gnarled and twisted ram's horn. The end cap, with a standard surgical steel post, is in the form of a pentagram disc

Chained love rose ear wrap
Price $32.00

This Alchemy Ear Wrap a symbol of faithfulness and constant affection beyond the grave, the rose is an elegant, but distinctly gothic display of sentiment for those with a Mediaeval sense of romance.

A pewter ear-wrap lying across the front of the ear, of a mystical rose, bound by a small cuff, set with a red Swarovski crystal and adjustably fastened with a fine black curb chain around the back of the ear. With a surgical steel post and plastic scroll.

Serpent’s Eye earrings
Price $64.00

A serpent with sacred healing powers, offset with a red abalone snake-eye and dropper.

Alchemy Bacchanal Rose Earrings
Price $71.00

These Alchemy earrings are a romantic motif concealing a secret libertine passion for wine and sensual pleasures.

Empyrian Eye: Tears From Heaven Earrings
Price $74.00

The eye of God, shedding tears of grief for humanity as he regards the world from the highest firmament. Price is per pair.

Crystal Dragon Ear Wrap
Price $49.00

With dramatically outstretched wings, the writhing dragon flaunts its Swarovski crystal dropper.

Bed Of Blood Roses
Price $65.00

The poetic tragedy of a bleeding heart; with black roses and crystals below an enamelled hear

This Alchemy Tor Dragon Faux Stretcher Earring
Price $33.00

This Alchemy Tor Dragon Faux Stretcher Earring is a polished pewter, silver post ear stud for regular pierced ears, with special and thoroughly convincing backs appearing exactly like a stretched ear.

Hydra Wrap
Price $41.00

Hercules's terrifying foe and guardian beneath the lake of the entrance to the Underworld.

Heart’s Blood Studs
Price $33.00

Swarovski crystals glitter just under the surface of the blood red enamel.

Black Rose Studs
Price $20.00

The alchemical mystery personified by this impossibly rare flower

Serpents Eye Earring
Price $65.00

A serpent with sacred healing powers, offset with a red abalone snake-eye and dropper.

Cobra Life Force
Price $33.00

Representing the mystery of death and rebirth, the serpent was sacred to Asklepios and remains a symbol of medical strength.

Dragon Lure - Left Ear
Price $39.00

The long-awaited left ear dragon lure. This is only a normal post earring. (If you are interested in the right-ear dragon lure only, it is on page 2)

The Mated Dragons
Price $68.00

The left and right dragon lures sold for $68.00, save $10.00 on buying separately.

Alchemy El Corazon Earrings (Pair)
Price $31.00

These Alchemy Earrings are 'El Corazon" with pewter wings & blue heart Swarovski crystal droppers. Made from the finest English Pewter

Pirate Ear Stud Earring
Price $36.00

This Alchemy Earring is a Swashbuckling, 2 part pirate's cutlass with red enamelled Heart pommel & over-ear chain fastening. Made from the finest English Pewter.

Curse of Ezekiel
Price $117.00

The Old Testament's prophet of horror, with his foretold rising of bones coming to grisly fruition and taking a firm grip on the wearer, gripped by spring-action thumb joint.

Alchemy Betrothal bracelet
Price $93.00

A rococo masterpiece of romantic metaphor, with the blood red enamelled heart of passion

Visa Viva bracelet
Price $105.00

Spring Collection arriving last week of October. Order now to secure your piece.

The living power; overwhelming energy and the force of life encircles and liberates the wearer; with Swarovski crystals. See matching ring

Price $33.00

Spring Collection arriving last week of October. Order now to secure your piece.

An venomous creature of malign intent, leaching through every pore of your body to corrupt all innocence.

Price $47.00

A bramble of thorns entangles the ear, weeping tears of Swarovski crystal blood; see also P530 & A80 for coordinating items.

Coffin Drop Cameos
Price $71.00

Elegantly miniature Georgian silhouettes with black enamel coffin pendants, to exactly match their namesake necklace.

Black Romance Bangle
Price $57.00

Wear your heart on your sleeve - a black heart wrappped around your wrist by spreadeagled wings of ethereal flight.

Viper's Right Bracelet
Price $59.00

Life and death ceremonially court each other in a ritualistic dance of fate, with Swarovski crystals.

Alchemy Anchors Away Ear Stud Earring
Price $41.00

This Alchemy Earring is for all the sailor girls, with traditional Anchor in 2 parts; with Swarovski crystals & with over-ear chain fastening. Made from the finest English Pewter.

Alchemy Love Life Bracelet
Price $69.00

This Alchemy Love Life Bracelet has Love life scrolled red crystal hearts supplied with cuban chain and clasp. This Alchemy bracelet is cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, with additional high quality component.

Alchemy Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys Bracelet
Price $79.00

Matron of both house & workshop-laboratory, this, her bracelet made-up of some of her many technological access devices.

Alchemy The Temptation Of Havva Bracelet
Price $99.00

The embodiment of both Eve & the Fall of Man.

Alchemy Passion Bracelet
Price $75.00

A tangled cuff of bloody thorns, encrusted with Swarovski crystal drops; complementing the equally empathetic choker & earring.

Reflections Of Poe Bracelet
Price $92.00

Out of stock.

Glass plate Daguerreotype memorial reminders of the great author of the macabre, Edgar Alan Poe, including his signature & handwritten title to ‘The Murder on the Rue Morgue’; 3-frame section bracelet with half-tone images engraved into black glass. Adjustable.

Alchemy Love Bones Earrings (Pair)
Price $35.00

These Alchemy Earrings have a translucent pink enamelled heart hung from a Rose crystal mounted skull. Made from the finest English Pewter.

Alchemy Bow Belles Bracelet
Price $57.00

This Alchemy Bracelet is adorned with Crystal Skull/Bows on adjustable red cord fastenings; with crystal mounted pewter bow finials.

Alchemy Daedalus Pinna Prop Stud
Price $37.00

The heartbeat & inertia provision for proto-flying machines (single stud).

Alchemy Westenra Spica Earrings (Pair)
Price $49.00

Completing Lucy Westenra's post-Whitby jewel set. Earrings - pair.

Alchemy Dark Desires (Pair) Earrings
Price $71.00

A black rose & crystal tear of fated love. Earrings - pair.

Alchemy Black Sun Khepri Studs
Price $67.00

The scarab god of creation aspires to immortal rebirth in the Egyptian underworld.

Alchemy Torquemada Cross-Tegere Earpiece
Price $42.00

Ruthless, 15thC. Inquisitor General of Spain, known as 'the hammer of heretics'; this brass & pewter 'teger' (covering), is fixed by a stud post at the bottom & an over-ear chain at the top. Single earring.

Alchemy Crux Angelicum studs
Price $42.00

A blessed piece of the angel's cross, for divine intervention.

La Fleur De Baudelaire
Price $89.00

Paris' celebrated C19th 'gothic' poet & visionary, & champion of the supernatually creative powers absinthe; with Swarovski crystal.

Price $129.00

Grand European 'gothique' styling, in black velvet & bearing three luxurious & elegantly set Swarovski crystals.

Price $29.00

Out of stock.

The ankh of eternal life, mounting an inverted tear-drop Swarovski crystal.

Price $79.00

An ornately articulated, grotesque fantasy of beauty & horror, with the highly intricate, brass butterfly lace-wings & the body of a skull.

Vampretta Earstuds
Price $40.00

(Pair) 'Eat me, from the ears down'; fang studs with Swarovski crystal droppers.

La Fee Verte
Price $22.00

Absinthe-green Swarovski crystal; for its matching pendant.

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