Alchemy Gothic Bracelets/Earrings

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Fairy's Dream
Price $39.00

Single Matching earring with black diamond crystal stud.

Chaos De Profundis
Price $79.00

In Classical, Pugin Revival style, a hinged bracelet with brass inlay, reading "FromThe Depths of Chaos"; with large Hematite stone.

EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Wristwatch
Price $499.00

Measuring the decay of time using Carnots second law of thermodynamics. With quartz movement.

Rosenstein's Scrap Yard Bracelet
Price $105.00

An eco-efficient chain of defunct & outmoded components from the lo-tech laboratory of EER, with same-said cameo tag & glass rods.

Earrings Of Nuit
Price $59.00

Crystal luxuriance on the wings of the night. Earrings - pair.

Sylvanius Earring
Price $39.00

In Roman mythology; Sylvanus is god of the woods.The ornate, baroque ear-covering is supported by a chain to a separate section hooked-on at the top of the ear.

Cesare's Dagger
Price $39.00

The 16th century Cesare Borgia's Florentine solution to all political problems.

Eve's Temptation
Price $39.00

The serpent of Eden twists through and around the beguiled wearer’s ear. Inspired by the tale of Eve in the Garden Of Eden.

The Dragon's Lure
Price $39.00

Please note these sell out very quickly.

Like a whispering shoulder devil or a witch's familiar, this dragon, piercing through the ear lobe, tempts the wearer into acts of shameful depravity.

Black Dragon's Lure - one-off limited edition
Price $41.00

Only 1500 of these will be made for world distribution. It is anticipated that a small number will be received by wholesalers in Australia.

ORDER NOW to ensure you will receive this limited edition Black Dragon. I have requested as many as possible but have not been advised how many I shall receive. Delivery is expected in late May.

Dragontine Stud
Price $63.00

A writhing spined and crystal studded dragontine, fluidly animated and studded with Swarovski crystals,

Empress Eugenie
Price $80.00

(Studs; pair) After the rare, massive blue heart diamond, which legend says once belonged to the empress consort of Napoleon III (1852-1870), before it was 'discovered' by Cartier, in 1908.

The Kraken - Pre-order
Price $41.00

The Kraken emerges from Pandora's Box on the 22nd of August. Limited number, don't miss out. Pre-orders taken now

Price $28.00

(Stud) Long, tantalising black feathers trail from a remoreful, crystal skull stud.

Spectrostatic Nocturnium
Price $72.00

Early scientific instrumental band for controlling moonlight wavelength emulations; in antiqued pewter & solid brass.

Galvanic Magneto Inducer Cuff-Bracelet
Price $179.00

GMT contraption for increasing the potential power of the Transpositor.

Price $89.00

Robert Dudley's original design for the tracery moulding above the North entrance to Kenilworth Castle for his great love, alas, never used; Swarovski crystal hearts.

Rose Of Passion
Price $39.00

Complete the set with this uniquely designed 'Rose of Passion' earring with crystal 'blood drop'; with surgical steel post.

Price $169.00

Tribute to the Northmen warrior elite, whose frenzied state of strength & fearlessness was irresistible to mere mortals.

Raven's Eye
Price $34.00

(Stud) The dark & melancholy thoughts of Edgar Allan Poe focused through the lens of his sinister protagonist.

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