Alchemy Gothic Bracelets/Earrings

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Price $31.00

The potent, early form of powering up! (with surgical steel post).

Queen Of The Night
Price $89.00

(Studs; pair) The epitome of wickedness. Swarovski crystal-heavy pair of Baroque earrings matching their sister necklace.

Mircalla Bracelet
Price $69.00

Beautiful, bat-form bracelet in hand-polished pewter, for the inimitably manicured gothic Madame, with a Swarovski faceted black heart crystal.

In Nomine Patrie
Price $59.00

'In the name of The Father, The Son & The Hold Ghost'; an amethyst Swarovski crystal-mounted, Latin-inscribed bangle of the high church.

Bleeding Heart
Price $59.00

(Studs; pair) Dripping with bloody crystals, betraying the emotional grief inside.

Diamond Pall
Price $29.00

(Cuff stud) Swarovski crystal-rich afterlife fetter.

Price $79.00

Decadent, hinged bracelt, lavishly laced & pointed with Swarovski crystals.

Price $71.00

Out of stock.

Based on the typical style of a medieval, wrought iron hinge from a church door with hematine & gernet cabochons.

Haemostatic Capillary Pump Earring
Price $36.00

(Stud) Early, but effective form of biological turbo-charging, from the advanced workshops of EER.

Alchemy Vamp Bangle
Price $56.00

Stylish wrist-ware for the fashionable vampire-sympathiser; with CRYSTALLIZED™ fang & etched cross finial detail.

Rose Thorn Cross
Price $21.00

An alchemical cross of rose thorns surmounted by the skull of the Master.

Price $22.00

(Stud) A sorte of bats from the roost

Runering-Dragon Strap
Price $41.00

The runes of genesis, protected by the skeletal remains of a guardian-dragon; on an adjustable, black leather strap.

Requiem Aeternam
Price $59.00

The Latin script reads: "Grant them eternal rest O Lord'.

Price $26.00

(Stud) An amethyst Swarovski crystal droplet suspended from the talons of a volitant bat.

Price $21.00

Out of stock.

(Top Stud) A lithe, Bestial curse as your intimate familiar.

Sister Zhivka's Rosary Bracelet
Price $106.00

Replica of the 19th Century Balkan nun's bracelet worn as protection against the vampires she is said to have destroyed in the region of her mountain village & convent.

Chain Of Venus
Price $23.00

Out of stock.

(Stud) Magnified power & protection of the pentagram; crystal.

Spike Cuff
Price $17.00

Piercing statement.

'Saligia' Seven Deadly Sins Bangle
Price $61.00

Out of stock.

Seven-sided bangle, each side debossed with one of the names of the Sins, in Latin, & in sequence. Set with Austrian crystal 'garnets' on each angle.

Mori Croix
Price $23.00

(Cuff stud) Remains from a forgotten grave.

Mortal Remains
Price $21.00

(Cuff-stud earring) Traces of human existence cling desperately to life; with surgical steel post.

Death's Head Butterfly Studs
Price $69.00

Infinite and delicate beauty in a pair of minitiature death maks from nature with Swarovski crystals.

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