Alchemy Gothic Chokers

Black Dahlia Choker
Price $118.00

An urbane reminder of the bizarrely gruesome, unsolved murder of 1947 California; black lace choker with black fabric flower, mounted with a polished pewter death's head & suspended with glass & pewter beads.

I Dieth Choker
Price $80.00

A bold and reflective allegory to the eternal-self and the dignified acceptance of ultimate fate: on burgundy satin choker ribbon, for hand tying

She Walks In Beauty
Price $127.00

Spring Collection arriving last week of October. Order now to secure your piece.

A Delphic and lamentable line from the pen of the inimitable Lord Byron, but for whom...?

Memento For A Highwayman
Price $93.00

Spring Collection arriving last week of October. Order now to secure your piece.

In loving memory of the unknown scoundrel; a rake you cannot help but both love and detest.

Alchemy The Westenra Choker
Price $69.00

Lucy's lavishly delicate jugular garnish, stylishly concealing the punctures beneath. On black satin, floral jacquard ribbon, with adjustable metal fastening.

Alchemy St. Cyr's Delight Choker
Price $72.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $43.00

An enticing revue of the burlesque dancer's talents. With ribbon lace-up front, black pearls & crystal heart. On deep red velvet with button fastener.

Marquesa Choker
Price $124.00

Out of stock.

Austere, European 'gothique' couture, in black velvet & bearing three luxurious & elegantly set Swarovski crystals.

The Tell-Tale Heart
Price $52.00

Beneath the blood-red enamel is a poignant quote from Poe's story of the same name. Black velvet choker & black satin ribbon.

The Hampton Oriel
Price $89.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $53.00

Inspired by a long lost oriel window from the manificant Renaissance Hampton Court. Stunning amethyst enamel & Swarovski crystals on a black velvet ribbon.

La Fleur De Baudelaire Choker
Price $89.00

Paris' celebrated C19th 'gothic' poet & champion of the creative powers of absinthe, Swarovski crystals & elegant black ribbon.

Aurum Mortis
Price $99.00

Out of stock.

Meaning 'golden death', represented by the rich colour of the topaz Swarovski crystal, with skull droplets & pearls on brown velvet choker.

Bitten Choker
Price $62.00

'Revenant bitten, always smitten.' Velvet choker with Swarovski crystal bite marks & cascading 'blood' drops.

Arachnathea Lace Choker
Price $69.00

Out of stock.

Spider of polished pewter sewn onto this black pure-cotton lace with black crystal droplets.

Price $65.00

Victorian elegance in black lace & Swarovski crystal in a subtly embellished bat brooch-mount.

Coeur Noir
Price $41.00

Graceful, enamelld winged-heart choker on black cord.

Carpe Noctem
Price $51.00

Elegant moss-green velvet choker with Swarovski crystal set against a gothic trefoil window.

Mircalla Choker
Price $79.00

Femme fatale's pewter collar, with faceted Swarovski black heart crystal.

Price $75.00

Out of stock.

The elegance of a peacock in etched stainless steel, articulated feather wings & Swarovski crystals.

Tzarina Choker
Price $89.00

Luxuriant baroque frame of sleeping bats enclose an enormous purple Swarovski crystal.

Blackheart Choker
Price $51.00

For the graceful neck of a femme fatale; amethyst cabochon & Swarovski black heart crytal pendant.

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