Alchemy Gothic Creatures

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La Nuit Pendant
Price $39.00

A crystal luxuriance on the wings of the night.

Alchemy Diamond Heart
Price $65.00

An accursed black dragon, with the heart of a diamond; a metaphor for a dangerous relationship, or else a powerful ally? Set with 11 Swarovski crystals.

Alchemy Black Sun Khepri Locket
Price $129.00

The Egyptian god of creation, Khepri, rolls the alternative black sun, forever over the horizon of Akert; a locket to display a personal image of the coming of the redeeming light.

Alchemy Bestia Regalis Necklace
Price $63.00

Guardian of the ornate entrance to a gothic sanctum of otherworld spirits; with articulated wing & Emerald Swarovski crystal held by the dragon's tail.

Taranepona Necklace
Price $80.00

Out of stock.

The Celtic gods of Taranis, (of the sky) & Eponis, (god of horses), gracefully combine to surmount the giant, Montana blue Swarovski crystal.

Alchefly Pendant
Price $83.00

Out of stock.

The enamelled & crystal-studded gothic-grotesque tribute to Lalique's Art Nouveau dragonfly; the metamorphosis of The Alchemist.

Amber Dragon Necklace
Price $74.00

Out of stock.

Amber was one time said to be the solidified tears of dragons, here suspended from an amber-enamelled necklace. (Limited edition)

The Laidly Wyrm Necklace
Price $89.00

In Northumbrian folklore, a prince's daughter is turned into a seething wyrm-dragon by a bitter witch, & is only released from her curse when her father returns from abroad to kiss the monster, restoring her to her youthful charms & condemning the witch to become a toad.

Raven's Call Pendant
Price $71.00

Poe’s stoical harbinger & the title role in his most famous, & most sorrowful poem, The Raven; on cord & ribbon necklace.

The Order Of The Dragon Necklace
Price $49.00

Facsimile of the C15th symbol of Wallachia’s elite, Catholic warrior brotherhood, who’s most famous members were the Dracul dynasty; with red crystal ‘wound of St George’.

Mordred Pendant
Price $49.00

Out of stock.

The sword of betrayal in the grip of chaosium; gilt two-tone.

Coeur Sauvage Necklace
Price $53.00

Conflicting beauty & duality of the heart.

Dragon Moon Pendant
Price $49.00

Out of stock.

Conjunction of the mythical dragon with the feared full moon, signifying a reign of terror; with enamelled moon.

Dracovinia Choker
Price $51.00

Cotton-velvet choker hung with burgundy & black-diamond crystals, mounted in the articulated set of a graceful dragon.

Anguis Aeternus Pendant
Price $39.00

The Dragon of Eternity sustains the faceted heliotrope crystal of life.

Seraphim Necklace
Price $82.00

Out of stock.

Descending vision from the Old Testament, of the God-feared messengers of Heaven; with Swarovski crystal & dropper.

Eden Necklace
Price $67.00

The evocatively coiled adder leading its beguiled victim down into the vale of temptation.

Elixir Wyrm Necklace
Price $52.00

Dark Age dragon, or wyrm, evoking the traditional restorative powers of tanzanite, to expand mental & physical consciousness & clear away toxins; with Swarovski crystal.

The Raven Necklace
Price $99.00

Graphic representation of the subject of Poe's most celebrated & tragic narrative poem of the same name, supernaturally lamenting the death of a young lover.

Theomachia Necklace
Price $79.00

Giant Austrian crystal 'world' surmounted by The victorious deity, from the Wars of the Gods.

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