Alchemy Gothic Crosses

Hederige Cross Necklace
Price $59.00

Brass wrought cross, typical of C18th, English graveyard ornamentation, now strangulated & overgrown with creeping ivy.

Sacramental Rood Necklace
Price $109.00

Out of stock.

Heavily carved cross from the Middle Ages incorporating the red-enamelled Sacred Heart, & suspended with large Austrian crystal dropper.

Noctis Cross Pendant
Price $49.00

Gothic pewter cross with 'haemoglobin' red & black enamel.

Ankh Of Tau Necklace
Price $43.00

The esoteric Tau Cross combined with the wise & divine serpent, to form the Egyptian ankh of eternal life. In two-tone antique gold plate.

Vatican Cross Pendant
Price $60.00

Out of stock.

Enamelled popish cross mounting five faceted crystals.

Relecruz Sanguis Cross
Price $53.00

Transparent stem, representing the blood of a martyr.

Ring Cross Pendant
Price $30.00

Out of stock.

The cross style is based upon the relics of an Anglo-Saxon Northumbrian saint. With red enamel & blue crystal.

Hampton Cortoyer Pendant
Price $68.00

"Cortoyer" is the old term for a court's attendee. Hampton Court was Henry VIII's main residence. Made typical C16th, English style. Jet bead necklace & jet cabachons.

Nevermore Cross Pendant
Price $68.00

In homage to Edgar Alan Poe, this mourning cross is inscribed with the raven's single word answer to all questions, 'Nevermore'; from the 1845 poem, The Raven.

Cross Of Nails Pendant
Price $25.00

Out of stock.

Passio Crystal Cross Pendant
Price $63.00

Latin for 'The Passion' A cross woven in thorns & symbolic of the Crucifixion, the five wounds & a broken, bleeding heart, with seven Swarovski crystals.

Churrigueresque Cross Necklace
Price $68.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $40.00

Elaborate Austrian crystal cross in the extravagant style of the Churriguera family, sculptors & architectural decorators in Spain, between 1665 & 1725.

Renaissance Cross Of Passion Pendant
Price $59.00

With customary lavish Orthodox flourishing, the deep red crystal Sacred Heart is displayed.

Fall Of Byzantium Necklace
Price $60.00

Metamorphic snapshot of the moment when the bastion of Orthodoxy fell to the dragon of the infidel.

St. Caillin's Cross Pendant
Price $60.00

Stunning ring of faceted Swarovski crystal is bound by copper to a Celtic cross of the C7th saint, who turned stubborn pagans into stone.

Penduli Cross Pendant
Price $49.00

Derived from the latin "pendulus" meaning hanging with genuine Swarovski crystals.

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