Alchemy Gothic Green Fairy

Queen Of The Night
Price $109.00

Flamboyant Austrian crystal-laden baroque extravagance representing opulence & decadence.

Spirit Of Absinthe
Price $51.00

Out of stock.

Necklace. La Fee Verte - The Green Fairy.

Absinthe Fairy
Price $59.00

The spirit of wormwood rises from the absinthe-green enamelled visage of mortality; with Swarovski crystal.

La Fleur De Baudelaire Choker
Price $89.00

Paris' celebrated C19th 'gothic' poet & champion of the creative powers of absinthe, Swarovski crystals & elegant black ribbon.

La Fleur De Baudelaire
Price $89.00

Paris' celebrated C19th 'gothic' poet & visionary, & champion of the supernatually creative powers absinthe; with Swarovski crystal.

Winter Garden Crystal
Price $69.00

Ivy-covered Austrian crystal spanning two fingers, like a neglected Victorian garden.

Fairy's Dream
Price $39.00

Single Matching earring with black diamond crystal stud.

La Fee Verte
Price $22.00

Out of stock.

Absinthe-green Swarovski crystal; for its matching pendant.

La Fee Absinthe Spoon
Price $54.00

Out of stock.

Exotically stylised, miniature traditional absinthe spoon with Pernod-green, solid glass stem.

Fairy's Dream
Price $99.00

Necklace. Spirits of the Otherworld chasing their dreams. Filigree etched, vintage eau de nil wing joined to intricate dragonfly.

Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal
Price $47.00

Swarovski emerald pond of illusion & creation.

Queen Of The Night
Price $89.00

(Studs; pair) The epitome of wickedness. Swarovski crystal-heavy pair of Baroque earrings matching their sister necklace.

Ghost Of Past Love
Price $59.00

Out of stock.

Necklace. The haunting remains of lost romance; articulated pendant with Swarovski crystals.