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Magical Milagros & The Folk Art Of Mexico.

Milagro miracle charms have been used since the 5th century, imploring divine aid from saints and guardian angels. They were bought to the New World by the Spanish, and it was there they were so eagerly adopted and formed the exquisite folkloric devotional art form we have today.

A milagro, meaning 'miracle', is a charm that can be used for sympathetic magic, for healing purposes and as a votive offering.

Milagros are most often carried or placed around the home for good luck and protection. They are also commonly used to assist in focusing upon a specific ailment, based on the type of charm used.

The beautiful tinwork surrounds handcrafted wooden crosses and icons with a unique charm. The pieces are exquisite as well as being powerful devotional and protective talismans.

Many statues and icons contain a vast array of Milagros both for protection from a host of ills and misfortunes, and for attaining benefits of every kind – from fertility to financial reward or luck in gambling!

There is a milagro for virtually every animal, every organ and every imaginable malady. From addiction to depression, from arthritis to a faithless lover, there is a milagro 'miracle' to address the situation. The smaller charms, often depicting arms, legs, praying people, farm animals and a wide range of other subjects are typically nailed or pinned to crosses or wooden statues of various saints like the Virgin Mary, sacred objects, pinned on the clothing of saint statues, or hung with little red ribbons or threads from altars and shrines. Larger milagro – most notably 'hearts', are also very common, and hung about the house for the blessings of love and a peaceful family life.

You may also bless your milagro, asking for assistance from a saint or your particular guardian spirit, and carry it with you in order to cure a physical ailment or to ward off evil, or bring about a change of fortune.

The heart milagro is most commonly used for it has many properties. For example sacred hearts, hearts with flames, and hearts with swords all have different meanings.

The heart milagro might be connected with worries over a heart condition, or answering the prayers of the lovelorn. Then again, it might represent the love that one person feels for another.

'Eye'milagros are also popular. While useful for any eye complaints, the eyes can also represent the concept of watching. One practice is to attach the milagro to the frame of the image of a deceased person, in the belief that this might represent the concept that the spirit of that person is watching over us, and helping to defend us from spirits from the land of the dead, or pleading our case before the saints and the angels.

The milagro of the arm might represent an arm itself, and some condition associated with it, such as an injury, or, say, and arthritic condition. It might also represent ones strength, ones ability to work - and hence ones job - or some related concept. It might represent an embrace, and physical demonstrations of affection that involve embracing. Any part of the arm might be the focus of the prayers or the magic, such as the hand, for instance.

Milagros of feet and legs might represent a leg injury, but might also represent ones strength, or seek safety and protection in undertaking travel.

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