Alchemy Gothic Necklaces

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Mask Of Death Pendant
Price $59.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $35.00

Reflecting elaborate 16thC. 'maschera' style, the grotesquely Baroque face of death.

Folies Du Mort Necklace
Price $129.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $77.00

An exotic, spangling palm fan from the infamously risqué, foot-lit boards exemplifying the height of Parisian decadence; with a host of Swarovski crystals & opaque black enamel panels .

Coco Casket Jewel Necklace
Price $79.00

A 1920's style, rectilinear, aesthetic construct of the final resting place to entertain the maestro designer of the era; featuring a striking Triangular-cut Swarovski crystal dropper & smokey enamel tomb.

Demimondaines Necklace
Price $99.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $59.00

With the world at their feet, the hedonistic 'bright young things' of the Deco Era dazzle with style; with 9 Swarovski, square & round cut crystals & black enamelled panels.

Mirror Of The Soul Pendant
Price $99.00

Out of stock.

Looking deep into the gothic heart, the face of death will peer back with inevitable certainty.

Bleeding Heart Necklace
Price $109.00

Cascade of crystal blood pours from the cruel wounds of a tortured love; on bead & ribbon double necklace.

Transit Of The Glory Pendant
Price $80.00

Out of stock.

Transit of the Glory Pendant. "Sic transit gloria mundi pater sancti", 'Thus passes away The Glory of the World', the inscription recounts the funerary rite of The Pope &, reminding us of the transience of even the most exalted mortal; enamelled & encrusted in true Vatican style in Swarovski crystals.

Regalia Balkani Pendant
Price $80.00

Out of stock.

Formal, dark splendour from the coffers of a former Transylvanian noble.

Reliquary Heart Locket
Price $69.00

The Reliquary Heart Locket Pendant. Illustrating decoratively etched secret love poem; "Where I am always, thou art, Thy image lives within my heart".

Heart Of Darkness Necklace
Price $69.00

The vampire-hunter’s cross – protective amulet & war trophy; with enamel & red crystal blood & on black bead necklace.

Arcanalia Pendant
Price $79.00

Out of stock.

Derived from the Latin 'areana', meaning 'secret', 'mystery or 'elixir'. At its centre is a magical bronze pentagram. Jet crystal beads. Amethyst cabachon & copper pentagram.

Love Unto Death Necklace
Price $89.00

Or 'Amour á la Mort', as the sentiment is engraved into the cardinal Austrian crystal, flanked by caput lamentii: on black ribbon necklace.

Carmilla's Chandelier Necklace
Price $99.00

Taken from the Austrian vampire, Countess Karnstein’s iniquitous castle bedchamber; with Swarovski chandelier & dropper crystals.

Rococulus Necklace
Price $71.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $42.00

An C18th French, rococo-styled, asymmetrical Austrian crystal mount. On black ribbon with chain fastening.

Carmen Necklace
Price $46.00

Infused with the tragedy of the flirtatious young gypsy scryer; crystal.

The Web Of Love Pendant
Price $75.00

Out of stock.

Symbolising the agonising complexities of 'L'affaire d'amour' & anyone caught up in a tangle of the heart: with Swarovski crystal spiders.

The Hanging Cross Of Pressburg Necklace
Price $71.00

Note: colours of this have changed to saphire and diamond. Saved from ruination, a replica of the bizarrely unique. icon made before the Theban Castle's sacking in 1809; uniquely articulated necklace set with thirteen Swarovski crystals.

Alchemy Angel Heart Necklace
Price $61.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $36.00

Black heart with the glittering wings of angelic ecstasy; front half of necklace is Swarovski crystal cupchain.

Star Of Udolpho Necklace
Price $48.00

Sold out.

Classic gothic tracery mounting an amethyst gem.

Croix De Cour Noir
Price $52.00

Cross of the cursed Knight of the Black Heart.

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