Alchemy Gothic Necklaces

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Orthodox Icon Locket
Price $72.00

Photo locket in the authentic, classic style of an Eastern Orthodox Church icon, with brass hinges & fasteners.

Black Rose Of Passion Necklace
Price $59.00

'The unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be'; unique black-pewter finish, studded with Swarovski crystals & hung on a satin & bead necklace.

Love After Death Crystal Necklace
Price $109.00

Oathsworne passion, from now into immortality; a giant, 'bitten' Swarovski crystal heart, with red satin ribbon fastening.

The Secret Heart Necklace
Price $69.00

An emotive display of the delicate complexities of deep romance; with finely etched, brass tracery heart.

Pentaroque Necklace
Price $51.00

Out of stock.

Pentaroque Fractal pentagram within the baroque mounted crystal.

Gravestone Locket
Price $62.00

Classic Victorian, brass-hinged, ivy-covered & jewelled memorial stone, inscribed "IN AMORTA R.I.P." to secret-away an image of your beloved.

Chaosium Pendant
Price $35.00

A shimmering, metallic hematite cabochon forms the nucleus of this mystery-shrouded symbol of anti-order; the eight arrows of chaos.

Morticia Necklace
Price $62.00

Out of stock.

Jet & amethyst crystals drop from the gothic tracery of a spider's nidus.

Bindrune Hammer Pendant
Price $33.00

Authentic style, Scandinavian Thor's Hammer, inscribed with powerful piece bindrunes to command energy, courage, potency & conquest.

Cult Of Isis Pendant
Price $25.00

Translucent red enamelled solar disk, horned & throned, of the great Egyptian & universal Goddess.

Medieval Pentangle Pendant
Price $49.00

In the Middle ages, the most common sign to ward off demonic powers.

Cryptica Necklace
Price $89.00

Out of stock.

A tier of purple velvet gems cascades from its wings of the night - with 22 crystals.

Gothic Ankh Pendant
Price $45.00

A vampiric hybrid of the Egyptian symbol for eternal life & the stylistic form of High Gothic.

Dragon's Claw
Price $25.00

Scaled dragon holding a smoked topaz 10mm crystal orb.

Mjollnir Pendant
Price $27.00

Thor's magical hammer.

Spirit Of Absinthe
Price $51.00

Out of stock.

Necklace. La Fee Verte - The Green Fairy.

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