Alchemy Gothic Rings

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Eye Of The Devil
Price $32.00

Hypnotically sinister blood red Swarovski crystal eye, staring into the eye of any onlooker.

Price $40.00

Out of stock.

Bronze pentagram embedded in the conjoined consciousness of cerebral intimacy.

Pugin Cross
Price $30.00

Multi panelled gothic revival band; enamelled.

Penacle Forme
Price $42.00

The powerful cross forme, usurped and empowered by the magic of the pentagram.

In Memorium
Price $27.00

Simplicity abounds in this elegant Victorian styled mourning ring.

Wealth Talisman
Price $41.00

Beckoning the magian forces with the power to enrich life. A solid bronze pentagram is set in clear enamel, within a ring & interspersed with the five sigils to energise the magic.

Anastasia - Gothic Ring
Price $59.00

The Romanovesque-style, complementary finger gem to the Anastasia bracelet for a tragically doomed princess.

Entrapment- Gothic Ring
Price $65.00

Out of stock.

The sinister form of a black spider sits upon its silk-like web, ready to pounce.

Automaton's Eye
Price $129.00

Animated integrant of the advanced life sized android from the famous workshops of Ezekial Rosenstein, 3 tone pewter ring with opening eyelid exposing a realistic taxidermal eye.

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