Shipping Information


Pandora's Box provides estimated shipping costs* based on product prices within the PayPal service. These are only estimates & depending on the correct shipping total amount, you may receive a refund or a request for further postage payment. In most cases the shipping estimate you are charged by PayPal will include handling and PayPal fee components. Where this is not the case you will receive an email advising you of additional costs and the option to cancel your transaction if you do not wish to proceed.

If you are purchasing products using a bank deposit method, you will receive your shipping costs once your postal address (as well as desired products) has been received at

*Shipping costs includes Registered Post. Pandora's Box uses secure, speedy, insured and registered post to protect your parcel and get it to you safely and securely. Registration is included to ensure your parcel is not lost as it must be signed for on delivery. Most international mail does not include tracking. This is an additional component which may be requested during the check-out process. The cost of international tracking varies, but is approximately $AUS13.00. Tracking does not increase security or delivery times, but enables you to follow the progress of your parcel.