Alchemy Gothic Steampunk

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Rosenstein's Scrap Yard Bracelet
Price $99.00

An eco-efficient chain of defunct & outmoded components from the lo-tech laboratory of EER, with same-said cameo tag & glass rods.

Haemostatic Capillary Pump Earring
Price $36.00

Early, but effective form of biological turbo-charging, from the advanced workshops of EER.

Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Ring
Price $35.00

Unusual, early but very highly efficient power generator to augment the energy demands of Victorian hi-tech gadgets.

Dr. Von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Ring
Price $39.00

An Authentic reproduction of Dr. Von Rosenstein's indispensable key to the induction matrix.

Deus et Natura
Price $39.00

Harmony of Nature & Creator. Solid bronze Latin band says 'God & Nature do not work together in vain.'

Spectrostatic Nocturnium
Price $72.00

Early scientific instrumental band for controlling moonlight wavelength emulations; in antiqued pewter & solid brass.

Galvanic Magneto Inducer Cuff-Bracelet
Price $179.00

GMT contraption for increasing the potential power of the Transpositor.

Icarus ex Machina
Price $115.00

'The Icarus Project' - Mechanical Flight! From the blueprints of the Black Baron's own prototype pinion-frame, this amazing technological masterpiece is spring-driven & is animated when the pendulus is pulled.

GMT Quantum Displacer Control
Price $119.00

A Victorian cyber junkie must-have to calibrate the necessary compensation for entropic shift in matter.

Price $169.00

Tribute to the Northmen warrior elite, whose frenzied state of strength & fearlessness was irresistible to mere mortals.

GMT Electromagnetic Chamber
Price $129.00
40% OFF. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVE TO PANDORAS BOX. (Very limited numbers) $77.00

The starting point for Ezekiel Rosenstein's experiment with 'pronto massremotion'.

Price $31.00

The potent, early form of powering up! (with surgical steel post)

Rod Of Asclepius
Price $52.00

Symbol of Greek god of healing, a receptical for elixial potions, with cork stopper.

Automon's Eye
Price $129.00

Animated integrant of the advanced life sized android from the famous workshops of Ezekial Rosenstein, 3 tone pewter ring with opening eyelid exposing a realistic taxidermal eye.

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