Witch Wares

The Majestic Red Male Dragon - a Pena creation
Price $163.00

The mythical creatures created by Melody Pena are famous worldwide and have become collectors items. Pena creations are cast in the highest quality mineral stone and further brought to life by our staff of expert painters. The red dragon series is now discontinued and is sought after by collectors.

Pewter Goddess Athame
Out of stock

Beautifully crafted pewter with intricite detail. This ceremonial Athame is 9 Inches long.

Crystal Quartz Wand - 9 inches
Price $15.00

With crystal poing and sphere

Antique Morrocan Vessels for storing herbs, resins and everything else

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Beautifully Detailed Wisdom Pen
Price $18.00

To write in your journal or BOS.

Antique Morrocan Chalice/Vessel for Crystals or any other bits and peices
Out of stock
Antique Morrocan Candle Base for very large candle (Milagro Candle pictured not included)
Out of stock
Antique Morrocan Bowls for altars, perfect for water, crystals, herbs or any other treasures
Price $15.00 each